The Benefits of Learning New Skills at Work

18 days ago by Claire Brandon

Investing in learning new skills is essential to maintain your relevance, capability, marketability and to ensure your future career success. From the moment we are born we start learning. It's well known that as children our brains are like sponges soaking up new information, absorbing learning as we experience new things and use our senses to explore these new experiences. We go through educa...

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10 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills

about 1 month ago by Claire Brandon

If you have to give a presentation, does your mouth dry up and your heart start racing? Fear of public speaking - or glossophobia - is estimated to affect as many as 75% of people, making it one of the most common phobias. If you're glossophobic you may try your best to avoid any situation where you have to speak in front of others. You may even break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of ha...

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Building your Personal Brand

about 2 months ago by Claire Brandon

Traditionally a ‘brand’ is a term that’s linked with a company, product or service. Personal branding is about promoting yourself as the concept, product or service. A useful first step when developing your personal brand is creating an elevator pitch. What makes you different from everyone else? It’s this message you need to consider when developing your personal brand online or when networkin...

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Marks Sattin's Annual Market Insight Report

2 months ago by Claire Brandon

Marks Sattin’s Annual Market Insight Report is now available online. This is an essential referencing tool for employment market trends in 2018 and beyond. For the last nine years, Marks Sattin have released an extensive report providing key insights into salaries and trends in multiple specialisms, including financial services, commerce and industry, specialist markets, business change and tec...

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From Practice to Business: My Career Journey

5 months ago by Katie Horne

Why did you decide to become an accountant? I studied for a degree in business studies and the course included quite a lot of accountancy content. I really enjoyed that aspect so I knew I wanted to do something with a finance/business focus. During my job search I met several accountancy practices and liked the sound of advising and understanding a broad variety of businesses; and I got to see ...

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