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The recent expansion of the bank in the UK means that we need to add even more talented people to the team across all grades, bringing different types and levels of expertise, yet sharing a common ambition to work in an internal audit function that can act as a benchmark for others.

At Santander, we will offer coaching, mentoring and development to ensure that you work to your full potential. In return for you hard work and commitment we will offer transparent career progression at one of the most stable banks in the world and reward you with competitive bonuses and generous allowances.

From an Assistant Manager within Internal Audit – Finance and Market’s team

• What have you enjoyed most about your role at Santander?
I very much enjoy the challenge and responsibility that Internal Audit at Santander has given me since I joined in 2009. A significant part of my role now involves direct interaction with senior managers and directors within Santander, often to discuss recommendations to the controls and processes within their responsibilities. At times this can be quite challenging, but the team is always there to help!

• Tell me about the most exciting project you have been involved in?
The fast paced nature of the Financial Services industry certainly keeps life interesting. The most exciting project I have been involved in was in response to last year’s High Court ruling in favour of the FSA over PPI complaint handling. As a result of the ruling, and actions taken by other banks in the market, the business reacted by raising its provision held in respect of these complaints and it was the responsibility of Internal Audit to provide independent challenge to the assumptions used in determining the final provision figure.

The work involved interacting with senior members within the bank to both understand and critically assess the actions and managed judgements taken. Given that significant media attention was being given to the topic at the time the work performed was of great interest to senior executives within the bank and my efforts contributed towards a report which was issued to our CEO.

• What is the culture like at Santander?
A lot of emphasis is placed on the Internal Audit function within Santander which creates an atmosphere between both audit and the business that we are all working towards the same goal. Through this I can clearly see how the work I perform fits into the overall aim to drive the bank forward.

In addition, being part of a global bank provides numerous opportunities to experience working with colleagues from different countries and I have many friends in Madrid who I look forward to working with when they come over during the year.

• In 3 words what has kept you at Santander?
Definitely the people!

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